This chapter shows how to integrate with FeaturePeek when using the Buildkite continuous integration service.

Prerequisite: You should create a FeaturePeek account and configure your peek.yml file before following the steps in this chapter.

Add a step to your Pipeline Settings

Log in to Buildkite and find the project that you've already connected to your GitHub repo. Click the Pipeline Settings button in the top right.

If you haven't connected Buildkite to your repo yet, then create a new Pipeline and follow the instructions presented to you.

Under Steps, you'll be able to add a step after your build phase. This is where you'll add the FeaturePeek CI command.

Buildkite pipeline

Add GitHub Webhook

If prompted, follow the instructions for setting up a webhook on your repo for Buildkite. This will let Buildkite trigger builds when you open a new pull request. The webhook defaults illustrated in the instructions are suitable for FeaturePeek.

Sample code repo

You can search the FeaturePeek org on GitHub to find sample repos of frontends that integrate FeaturePeek with Buildkite. Be sure to visit the open pull requests to find links to running public FeaturePeek deployments.

Try it out

Try opening a new pull request that contain the changes in this chapter. When your CI finishes successfully, you should see the FeaturePeek bot comment a link on your pull request. If not, consult our Troubleshooting section.