Google Container Registry

Google Container Registry (GCR) is a single place for your team to manage Docker images, perform vulnerability analysis, and decide who can access what with fine-grained access control.

To give FeaturePeek the credentials to pull images from Google Container Registry, you need to ensure that some environment variables are present in your CI environment.

Note: This chapter is only applicable if you push images to Google Container Registry.

CI command

You'll need to pass in the -p flag when pinging FeaturePeek in your CI pipeline.

bash <(curl -s -p

Be sure to call this after your build step.

Required environment variables


The Google compute zone to connect with via the gcloud CLI, like us-west2-b. Read more about Regions and Zones.


The Google project ID to connect with via the gcloud CLI.


The gcloud service key, as either a stringified JSON object or as a base64-encoded string.